ILIFE V7S Plus Review

Robotic Vacuum

The Pro Model is visually distinct from other models. The circular body in rose gold paint has a diameter of 34 cm, 8.4 cm in height and weighs 3 kg. New to this model is the combination of a dust container and water tank. Instead of two separate containers, it only has one container with a capacity of 0.36 liters. The container is divided between a 0.3 liter water chamber and a 0.06 liter dust chamber. The manufacturer suggests that this is more efficient and thus depending on the application, no longer needs to be changed between the two containers.

Compared to the ILIFE V7S Pro, it would still be a powerful "downgrade". Although this offers two separate containers, but they have the same size a significantly higher capacity of 0.5 or 0.4 liters. A dust chamber with only 0.06 liters of dust capacity would probably have to be emptied several times during a suction process. Efficiency looks different! There are good prospects regarding the accessory compatibility of the V7S models with each other. The models V7S and V7S Pro already showed that the containers are compatible with each other. It is quite possible that the dust container of the predecessor, which is available separately, can also be used in the V7S Plus.

I-dropping Technology

"I-dropping technology" . As the vacuum robot moves, water is dispensed drop by drop to the microfiber cloth. If the vacuum robot stops, the water supply is stopped. As a result, a more uniform and long-lasting water distribution or water supply is possible. The wiper and holder are removable for easy cleaning.

Suction power and modes

The suction power of the ILIFE V7S Pro is 400 Pa.  The volume reaches a staggering 68 dB . A side-mounted brush transports the dirt to the central main brush, which is grown by additional rubber slats and hair. Also on board are the 4 classic suction profiles "Auto", "Spot", "Edge" and "Schedule" . In contrast to the older ILIFE models cleaning in Auto mode is no longer arbitrary. An implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) ensures a fully automatic and also systematic cleaning of the room. In spot mode , the vacuum robot works in a circular motion. In edge modeThe vacuum robot is based on the room boundaries. The schedule mode is a cleaning mode according to an individually definable schedule.

Gradients mastered the vacuum robot with up to 15 ° . Details with up to what amount even carpet edges can be run over, does not make the manufacturer. When the suction process is finished, the vacuum robot automatically returns to the charging station (Return-To-Home).

Crash and collision protection

In order to prevent collisions and crashes, the robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a total of 11 sensors . Front-mounted sensors ensure that the ILIFE V7S Plus changes direction even before a collision. If a collision can not be prevented, an additional "bumper" provides obstacle detection . Sensors mounted on the underside prevent driving over stairs or other edges. Thus, the vacuum robot can be used easily in areas with stair access. The sensors are of the infrared type. There is no laser or camera room recognition.

Battery and running time

The built-in lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh . One battery charge is sufficient for a running time of approximately 120 minutes . The charging time is given by the manufacturer with 5 hours . As soon as a low battery level is reached, the vacuum robot automatically returns to the charging station (Return-To-Home) .

ILIFE V7S Plus vs. ILIFE V7S Pro

Describing the ILIFE V7S Plus as an upgrade to the latest ILIFE V7S Pro would probably be a mistake. Far more, ILIFE dares to try the Plus model again, focusing on the (wet) wiping function of the robot. Due to the i-dropping technology and the combination of dust and water container, quite interesting approaches are understandable. A critical view is to the lower suction power, the same time very high dropping volume and the low capacity of the dust chamber to throw.

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