Can the Crossland CC1 achieve temperatures suitable for light roasting?

Can the Crossland CC1 achieve temperatures suitable for light roasting?

The Crossland CC1 is primarily an espresso machine and does not offer roasting functionality. For espresso extraction, it can typically achieve temperatures suitable for proper espresso extraction (around 195°F to 205°F).

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Does the Crossland CC1 feature a PID temperature controller?

Yes, the Crossland CC1 comes equipped with a built-in PID temperature controller that allows users to fine-tune the boiler temperature for precise espresso extraction.

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Is the Crossland CC1 espresso machine dual voltage?

The Crossland CC1 is not a dual voltage machine. It is specifically designed for use with the voltage standard of the country where it is sold, typically 110-120V in the United States.

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Can the steam wand on the Crossland CC1 be upgraded?

While the Crossland CC1 comes with a standard steam wand, users looking to upgrade could potentially replace it with a compatible wand, though it might require technical knowledge or professional help.

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How does the shot timer function on the Crossland CC1 work?

The Crossland CC1 features a built-in shot timer that starts automatically when the pump is engaged, allowing users to monitor the extraction time for making consistent shots of espresso.

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Is there a pre-infusion feature on the Crossland CC1?

Yes, the Crossland CC1 includes a programmable pre-infusion feature allowing users to wet the coffee grounds before full pressure extraction, which can lead to a more even and flavorful shot.

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What is the capacity of the water reservoir in the Crossland CC1?

The Crossland CC1 has a removable water reservoir with a capacity of approximately 2 liters, which is ample for home use without the need for frequent refills.

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Can the Crossland CC1 use ESE pods or is it strictly for ground coffee?

The Crossland CC1 is designed for use with ground coffee and does not have a built-in mechanism for ESE pods. However, users can potentially use a compatible third-party ESE pod adapter if available.

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How often should the Crossland CC1 be descaled and what descaling solution is recommended?

Descale the Crossland CC1 every 3-4 months with a descaling solution designed for espresso machines. The frequency may vary depending on water hardness and usage levels.

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Does the Crossland CC1 have a user-replaceable group gasket?

Yes, the Crossland CC1 has a user-replaceable group gasket. When it wears out, which typically happens every year or so, users can buy a new gasket and replace it using simple tools.

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