How do I connect my Dolphin pool cleaner to Bluetooth?

How do I connect my Dolphin pool cleaner to Bluetooth?

To pair your Dolphin pool cleaner with Bluetooth, ensure your device’s Bluetooth is on and that you’re within the required range (usually a few meters). Open the MyDolphin app on your smartphone, follow the prompts to find your cleaner, and complete the pairing process.

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Can I control my Dolphin pool cleaner from my phone?

Yes, if your Dolphin pool cleaner model supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can control it from your phone using the MyDolphin smartphone app available for both iOS and Android devices.

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What features can I control with the Dolphin pool cleaner Bluetooth app?

Using the Dolphin pool cleaner Bluetooth app (MyDolphin), you can steer the cleaner, set cleaning schedules, select cleaning cycles, and receive notifications about the cleaning status and maintenance needs of your cleaner.

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What Dolphin pool cleaner models are compatible with Bluetooth?

Many of the newer Dolphin pool cleaner models are Bluetooth compatible. To ensure your model has this feature, you can check the specifications in the user manual or contact Maytronics for additional information.

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How do I troubleshoot Bluetooth connection issues with my Dolphin pool cleaner?

If you’re experiencing Bluetooth connection issues, ensure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is turned on, you’re within range, the cleaner is powered, and restart the MyDolphin app. If issues persist, refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips or contact Maytronics support.

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Is the MyDolphin app compatible with both Android and iOS?

Yes, the MyDolphin app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, allowing users of both types of devices to connect to and control their Dolphin pool cleaners via Bluetooth.

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Can I schedule cleaning cycles for my Dolphin pool cleaner using Bluetooth?

Yes, if your model supports this feature, you can schedule cleaning cycles for your Dolphin pool cleaner directly through the MyDolphin app over Bluetooth.

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Will the Dolphin pool cleaner Bluetooth connectivity work if the device is underwater?

Bluetooth connectivity can be maintained even when the pool cleaner is underwater; however, the range might be reduced. Always make sure you’re within the recommended distance for optimum connectivity.

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What is the range of the Bluetooth on Dolphin pool cleaners?

The Bluetooth range on Dolphin pool cleaners may vary by model. Typically, you should be within about 10 to 30 feet to ensure a stable connection.

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If my Dolphin pool cleaner loses its Bluetooth connection, will it stop cleaning?

Your Dolphin pool cleaner will continue its cleaning cycle using its internal programming, even if it loses its Bluetooth connection during operation.

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