What are the key features of the Southbend 4601AA-2GL Range?

What are the key features of the Southbend 4601AA-2GL Range?

The Southbend 4601AA-2GL Range is a 60-inch wide commercial gas range with 10 burners, featuring standard grates with each burner at a 33,000 BTU rating, as well as two standard ovens. This makes it suitable for high-volume kitchens that require reliable and efficient heat distribution.

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Southbend 4601AA Range, 60" Wide, 10 Burners With Standard Grates (33,000 Btu),

Southbend 4601AA Range, 60″ Wide, 10 Burners With Standard Grates (33,000 Btu),

How much does the Southbend 4601AA Range typically cost?

The cost of the Southbend 4601AA Range varies depending on the supplier and optional features but typically ranges from around $5,000 to $10,000 USD. It’s best to consult with specific distributors for the most current pricing.

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What warranty is offered with the Southbend 4601AA Range?

Southbend typically offers a one-year parts and labor warranty on their commercial ranges, including the 4601AA Range. It’s advisable to check with the dealer for specific warranty information at the time of purchase.

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Can the Southbend 4601AA Range be converted to use different gas types?

Yes, the Southbend 4601AA Range can usually be converted to use either natural gas or propane, depending on the needs of the establishment. However, it’s important that the conversion is carried out by a qualified technician to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.

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What is the energy efficiency rating of the Southbend 4601AA Range?

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2023, the Southbend 4601AA Range does not have a specific energy efficiency rating, but Southbend designs their equipment to meet the performance needs of commercial kitchens while being mindful of energy use.

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How is the temperature controlled on the Southbend 4601AA Range’s ovens?

The Southbend 4601AA Range ovens typically feature thermostatic controls which allow chefs to set precise cooking temperatures. The ovens are designed to ensure even heating and consistent cooking results.

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Is there a griddle option available for the Southbend 4601AA Range?

While the standard Southbend 4601AA Range comes with 10 burners, there are models like the 4601AA-2GR that include burner and griddle combinations. This option provides a griddle for versatile cooking alongside the standard burners.

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What are the dimensions and weight of the Southbend 4601AA Range?

The Southbend 4601AA Range typically measures around 60 inches in width, depending on the configuration. The weight may also vary but is often quite substantial due to the heavy-duty construction, often exceeding 800 pounds. Specific dimensions and weight can be found in the unit’s spec sheet.

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Can the Southbend 4601AA Range be installed in a residential kitchen?

Due to its size, power requirements, and commercial-grade construction, the Southbend 4601AA Range is primarily designed for commercial kitchens and may not be suitable for standard residential kitchen installations both in terms of size and compliance with residential building codes.

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Where can replacement parts for the Southbend 4601AA Range be sourced?

Replacement parts for the Southbend 4601AA Range can be sourced from authorized Southbend parts distributors, or through various online platforms that specialize in commercial kitchen equipment parts.

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