What are the key features of the Southbend 4601DD-6L 60 3/4″ Restaurant Mixed Top Range from the Ultimate 400 Series?

What are the key features of the Southbend 4601DD-6L 60 3/4″ Restaurant Mixed Top Range from the Ultimate 400 Series?

The Southbend 4601DD-6L features six non-clog burners with wavy grates, a 24-inch griddle on the left, two standard ovens with snap-action thermostats, and a durable stainless steel front, sides, and shelf.

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Southbend 4601DD-6L 60 3/4" Restaurant Mixed Top Range - Ultimate 400 Series

Southbend 4601DD-6L 60 3/4″ Restaurant Mixed Top Range – Ultimate 400 Series

How much space is required for the installation of Southbend 4601DD-6L?

The range itself is 60 3/4″ wide, so you need a space slightly larger than this to accommodate installation and air circulation. Consult the manual for specific clearance requirements.

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Can the griddle section of the Southbend 4601DD-6L be used for all types of grilling?

Yes, the 24-inch griddle on the Southbend 4601DD-6L is designed for versatility and can be used to grill a wide variety of foods.

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Is it possible to customize the Southbend 4601DD-6L range?

Many commercial ranges like the Southbend 4601DD-6L offer some degree of customization, such as the choice of griddle location or adding casters, but specific customizations should be clarified with the manufacturer or seller.

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What type of warranty comes with the Southbend 4601DD-6L?

The Southbend 4601DD-6L typically comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty, but always verify the warranty details with your supplier.

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How energy-efficient is the Southbend 4601DD-6L range?

While specific energy efficiency information can vary, Southbend ranges are typically designed with efficiency in mind. For exact details on the 4601DD-6L, consult the manufacturer’s specifications.

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Is the Southbend 4601DD-6L suitable for high-volume cooking?

Yes, the Southbend 4601DD-6L with its multiple burners and ovens is suitable for high-volume cooking, making it ideal for busy restaurants and commercial kitchens.

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Does the griddle part of the Southbend 4601DD-6L require any special cleaning procedure?

The griddle should be cleaned regularly with the appropriate griddle cleaning tools and substances, following the manufacturer’s guidelines to maintain performance and longevity.

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Are replacement parts readily available for the Southbend 4601DD-6L range?

Replacement parts for Southbend ranges are generally available from commercial kitchen equipment suppliers or directly from the manufacturer.

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What type of ventilation is required when installing the Southbend 4601DD-6L range?

The Southbend 4601DD-6L requires a commercial kitchen ventilation system, such as a hood with an appropriate exhaust fan, that complies with local building codes and safety standards.

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