What is a Mexican copper cazo used for in traditional cooking?

What is a Mexican copper cazo used for in traditional cooking?

A Mexican copper cazo is a large, deep pot typically used for cooking carnitas and other foods that require deep-frying or simmering over an open fire. It’s also used for making candies like jamoncillo.

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What are the benefits of cooking with a copper cazo?

Cooking with a copper cazo provides superior heat conductivity and distribution, making it ideal for recipes that require precise temperature control. It also cools down quickly once removed from the heat source.

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How do you clean and maintain a Mexican cazo?

To clean a copper cazo, you should wash it with warm, soapy water and a soft sponge, then rinse and dry it immediately. To maintain its shine, use a copper polish or a natural cleaner like lemon and salt occasionally.

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Can a copper cazo be used on a modern stovetop?

Copper cazos can be used on a modern stovetop, but it’s important to use a heat diffuser on electric or ceramic hobs to prevent damage to the pot and ensure even heat distribution.

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Are Mexican copper cazos safe to use with acidic foods?

While copper reacts with acidic foods, most copper cookware, including cazos, is lined with another metal such as tin or stainless steel, making it safe to cook acidic foods.

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How does cooking in a copper cazo affect the flavor of the food?

Copper cazos are said to enhance flavor due to their excellent heat distribution, which allows for better caramelization of ingredients and prevention of hotspots that result in uneven cooking.

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What is the traditional process of making a Mexican copper cazo?

Traditional Mexican copper cazos are hand-hammered from a single sheet of copper, a process that can take several days and involves heating, pounding, and shaping the metal.

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Can I find a Mexican copper cazo with a lid?

Yes, while traditional cazos usually do not have lids, modern versions with lids are available to cater to different cooking needs, such as slow simmering or steaming.

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Are copper cazos from Mexico typically handcrafted or machine-made?

Most authentic Mexican copper cazos are handcrafted by skilled artisans, keeping alive a tradition especially prominent in the town of Santa Clara del Cobre in Michoacán, Mexico.

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What sizes do Mexican copper cazos come in?

Mexican copper cazos come in a range of sizes, from small enough for home kitchen use to very large ones used for commercial cooking, such as in street food settings or restaurants.

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Carnitas Frying in a Mexican Copper Cazo