What is the boiler capacity of the Crossland CC1 espresso machine?

What is the boiler capacity of the Crossland CC1 espresso machine?

The Crossland CC1 has a 500ml stainless steel single boiler.

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How does the programmable PID in Crossland CC1 improve espresso quality?

The programmable PID controller allows you to set the boiler temperature with precision, which leads to more consistent espresso shots and better flavor extraction.

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Are there customizable pre-infusion settings on the Crossland CC1?

Yes, the Crossland CC1 features programmable pre-infusion settings allowing users to dial in the perfect soak time for their coffee.

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Can the Crossland CC1 switch between tank and plumbed operation?

No, the Crossland CC1 is designed to operate with its built-in water reservoir and does not offer plumbed operation.

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Does the Crossland CC1 have an automatic cleaning cycle?

No, the Crossland CC1 does not have an automatic cleaning cycle; maintenance routines must be performed manually.

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What is the warranty period for the Crossland CC1?

The Crossland CC1 typically comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Can the Crossland CC1 be considered a good choice for beginner baristas?

Yes, with its user-friendly interface and programmable features, the Crossland CC1 can be a suitable option for beginner baristas.

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Is there a hot water spout for tea on the Crossland CC1?

The Crossland CC1 does not come with a dedicated hot water spout but you can dispense hot water through the steam wand for tea.

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What is the release date of the Crossland CC1 Version 2?

The Crossland CC1 Version 2 was released in the early 2010s, with ongoing updates to its features since then.

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Can the steam wand on the Crossland CC1 be upgraded or replaced?

Yes, you can replace or upgrade the steam wand on the Crossland CC1, but it will likely require parts and expertise suitable for this espresso machine.

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