What types of furniture does Divano Roma Furniture specialize in?

What types of furniture does Divano Roma Furniture specialize in?

Divano Roma Furniture primarily specializes in modern and contemporary furniture, with a focus on living room pieces such as sofas, sectionals, and accent chairs.

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Where can I view Divano Roma Furniture’s latest collections?

You can view the latest collections of Divano Roma Furniture on their official retail partners’ websites or through online marketplaces like Amazon, where they frequently update their product listings.

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Does Divano Roma Furniture offer custom upholstery options?

Divano Roma Furniture typically provides a selection of different colors and fabrics, but custom upholstery options may be limited compared to other furniture brands which specialize in made-to-order pieces.

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How can I find replacement parts for a Divano Roma Furniture item?

For replacement parts, contact the customer service of the retailer from which you purchased your Divano Roma Furniture item or reach out to Divano Roma Furniture’s support channel if available.

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Are Divano Roma Furniture pieces easy to assemble?

Many customers find Divano Roma Furniture pieces to be relatively easy to assemble, with instructions and necessary tools usually included.

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What is the typical price range for Divano Roma Furniture sofas?

Divano Roma Furniture sofas typically range from mid to low prices, offering an affordable option for modern and stylish furniture.

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Does Divano Roma Furniture have a showroom?

Divano Roma Furniture does not typically have a dedicated showroom, as they are primarily focused on online sales through various retail platforms.

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What is the warranty policy for Divano Roma Furniture items?

The warranty policy for Divano Roma Furniture items will depend on the retailer’s terms, as the brand sells through various third-party marketplaces and furniture stores.

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How does Divano Roma Furniture’s quality compare to other furniture brands?

Divano Roma Furniture is generally considered to offer good value for the price, with an emphasis on trendy designs rather than high-end, luxury quality.

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Can I order Divano Roma Furniture pieces outside of the US?

Shipping policies vary by retailer, but some may offer international shipping for Divano Roma Furniture pieces at an additional cost.

For more details visit AliExpress.

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