What types of furniture does Divano Roma specialize in?

What types of furniture does Divano Roma specialize in?

Divano Roma offers a range of contemporary and modern furniture, specializing in upholstered sofas, sectionals, and chairs as well as bedroom furniture and mattresses.

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Is Divano Roma Furniture available through large online retailers?

Yes, Divano Roma Furniture is available through major online retailers such as Amazon, providing a wide selection of their products for convenient purchase.

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How does Divano Roma Furniture’s pricing compare to other furniture brands?

Divano Roma Furniture is generally priced affordably, offering a good balance between cost and quality, making it a competitive option in the modern furniture market.

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Can I find Divano Roma Furniture in physical retail stores?

Divano Roma Furniture is primarily sold online, but you might find some items in physical retail stores, although their availability may vary.

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What is Divano Roma Furniture’s return policy?

Divano Roma Furniture’s return policy typically honors returns within a specified period, although the exact terms may depend on the retailer from which the purchase is made.

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Does Divano Roma offer a warranty on their furniture?

Most Divano Roma Furniture products come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects for a certain period after purchase. Check product details for specific warranty information.

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Are there customer reviews available for Divano Roma Furniture items?

Yes, customer reviews for Divano Roma Furniture products can be found on the websites of online retailers where their products are sold, like Amazon and Walmart.

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Does Divano Roma Furniture require assembly upon delivery?

Many Divano Roma Furniture pieces come disassembled and require some degree of assembly upon delivery. Instructions and tools are typically included.

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What are the shipping options for Divano Roma Furniture?

Shipping options for Divano Roma Furniture vary depending on the retailer, with some offering standard, expedited, or even free shipping.

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Can I customize the fabrics or colors on Divano Roma Furniture pieces?

Divano Roma Furniture typically offers a selection of colors and fabrics for some of their furniture lines, but customization options may be limited.

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