Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows come with various types of foam inside. The typical pillows on the market today have either shredded foam, solid foam, or contoured foam inside. Most people that try memory foam pillows are unhappy with the support of comfort of the traditional down filled pillows. Sleeping discomfort can lead to pain in the head area, neck, or shoulders. Quite often, memory foam is a good option to resolve these issues. If you find your current pillow to be unsupportive or sinking too low while you sleep, you might consider trying memory foam instead.

Memory foam can be an issue for people that tend to sleep on their stomach. Typically, memory foam pillows have more height and can also be extra firm and extra high which makes stomach sleeping uncomfortable. If this is the case for you, it is possible to look for a pillow that allows for a custom fill such that you can modify the thickness and provide more comfort and less elevation for stomach sleeping.

A pillow should be chosen such that it maintains you body’s natural alignment. The neck has a natural curve and finding a pillow to accommodate that is imperative for sleeping comfort and reducing injury.

What to look for in Memory Foam Pillows:

Search for pillows that have sufficient support for the neck and the shoulders. Pillows that reduce overheating tend to be more comfortable. In some cases, memory foam tends to retain heat more than down filled pillows.

A quality pillow must have a quality build. Look for robust stitching along the seams. The outer cover should be of sufficient quality and thickness as to protect the foam. The memory foam itself must be durable and able to sustain the rigors of daily use without disintegrating.

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Xtreme Comforts offers a memory foam pillow that uses shredded memory foam. This pillow is more customizable than solid foam pillows. It can be adjusted as needed to accommodate various sleeping positions.

This pillow is moldable and adjustable thanks to the pliability of the filling. It tends to be sufficiently supportive but also soft and cool for sleeping. Most people tend to prefer the shredded memory foam pillows over the single foam slabs common in most other memory foam pillows.

Having moldability characteristics makes it a good option for people that sleep on their back, side or stomach. Since the shredded foam can be easily rearranged and manipulated to suit the contours of your sleeping position, it can perfectly cradle your neck and provide an accurate shape that will suit most people. Whether you need a lot of loft or less loft, the fill can be removed or added as required to get the optimal height and density to support your body.

Shifting around often and changing positions while sleeping is a good reason to choose this pillow as it is also capable of changing and adapting in this regard. Many long tested reviews have indicated that the Xtreme Comfort pillow provides neck support without being too stiff. Solid foam alternatives tend to be too stiff and lofty for most people. In comparison to a typical down filled pillow, the Xtreme Comfort pillow can offer more support and provide a sturdier platform for head rest.

The construction of this pillow is high quality. It features a cover that is well constructed and made with micro perforated bamboo. It will stay cool and aerate easily. Shredded foam tends to allow more air travel through the pillow and as a result makes a cooler feeling pillow. This is another advantage of shredded foam over solid foam. Solid foam will not ventilate heat as efficiently and will tend to feel warmer.

Another advantage of the Xtreme Comfort shredded foam pillow is that it can be easily washed. It is not necessary to wash this pillow often, but it can be washed once a year to maintain hygiene. Use the delicate cycle with cold water to wash a maximum of two pillows at a time. Add mild liquid detergent and consider running a second rinse cycle to ensure all soap residue is removed. Use low heat to dry the pillows and be sure they are fully dry before implementing back into use.

When considering cost, this pillow is much cheaper than some of its competitors. The solid foam pillow from Tempur-Pedic is three times the price of this pillow.

It is worth noting that shredded foam pillows have a tendency to feel lumpy and will take some time to get full volume. It will usually fluff up to it’s full size within two days after opening the package.

Tempur Pedic Tempur Adapt Pro Cooling Pillow

The Tempur Pedic Tempur Adapt Pro Pillow is made of a very high quality foam and molds well to the shape or your body and neck. It is better at maintaining its shape during the night if you are constantly tossing and turning.

This pillow comes in three different density options. The mid-density variation has foam that is firm yet still soft and spongy. This allows the pillow to cradle your head while preventing it from sinking too much into the pillow. Markings and indentations into the foam pillow spring back to its original shape quickly. This pillow will hold its shape and provide support for longer than most memory foam pillows.

The shape of this pillow is more traditional, appearing rounded with more material in the center. The result is a pillow that is lofty in height and helps to keep your body contour aligned properly.

Since most pillows are not sold in stores, Tempur Pedic is unique in this way. Trying it before buying is possible and will allow for certainty that it is a good fit for your body type and sleeping habits.

The cover fits snugly with the foam core and is both smooth and cool. It does not tend to bunch up around the edges like some other pillows. Remember that this pillow is fat in the middle and quite tall. It is only available for queen or king size formats. Consider other options if you normally prefer lower profile or softer type pillows. The cooling technology in this cover material seems to work well and maintain a feeling of coolness throughout the night.    

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