Garre 1200W Atomization Disinfection Machine for Home Office Car Indoor Electric Sterilization Sprayer, Air Purifier, Freshener, Cleaner,Timing


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Brand: HPYEP

Details: Description Product name: Car Atomization Sterilizer Smoke Fog Machine Disinfection Spray Machine for room office CAR sprayer atomizing Appearance color: white Rated Power(Real Power): 1500 watts(900 watts) Voltage:110V or 220V Smoke exhaust: 2000 cubic feet / minute Fuel tank capacity: 100 ml Warm-up time: 3 minutes Packing size: 36* 23 * 38cm Weight: 3.6 kg Disinfection time: continuous disinfection Instructions for use 1. Connect the indoor atomizer to the 110V or 220V power supply, turn on the preheat for 3 minutes, and then wait for the handle button to light, indicating that the atomizer can work. 2. Handle operation: press the handle to the button, the atomizer works; release the handle button, the atomizer stops working. Working guidelines The atomizer produces dry steam without steam to sterilize and disinfect the air and the surface of the object, decompose and eliminate odors, purify and refresh the air. After automatic smoke exhaust, the bicycle purifies the smoke for 5 to 8 minutes, and then opens the door within 10 minutes after the smoke adsorption is completed, healthy and fresh air. prompt After the machine is completed, it is best to use water spray. Keep machine piping clean and unobstructed to prevent blockages from affecting machine operation. Cleaning function Connect the machine to the power source, press the black switch to the left cleaning position, turn the timing knob for about 2 steps, and then rinse the machine pipe with clean water.