Huanyu Electric Coffee Grinder 1000G Commercial&Home Grinding Machine for Beans Nuts Spice Automatic Burr Grinder 200W Professional Miller 19 Fine – Coarse Grind Size Settings Stainless Steel Cutter Pulverizer (220V, Red with Stainless Steel Powder Contai



Brand: Huanyu

Color: Red with Stainless Steel Powder Container


  • ☕ Super horsepower, stainless steel food grade hardened abrasive disc.
  • ☕ Stepless fine adjustment, suitable for all kinds of coffee equipment. Bass grinding, quietly enjoy the grinding time.️
  • ☕ No componentr, can be directly discharged to the container or handle, easy to use, no waste of coffee powder.
  • ☕ Low-temperature grinding coffee beans, better preserve coffee moisturizing flavor, professional ultra-fine grinding degree.
  • ☕ Perfect, a great choice for cafes and professionals, and also the best choice for families to improve the quality of life.