QinGaoJuan Two-in-One Dryer Mini Smart Portable 1 Liter Small Dry Mute Air Purifier Dehumidifier


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Brand: QinGaoJuan


  • The efficiency of a filter to remove various air pollutants to remove particles less than 0.3 microns in diameter
  • (Hair diameter 1/200) can reach 99.7%
  • The lowest mode is only 35dB, just like a whisper, you can relax in the clean air,
  • Has subtle perception and can’t sleep through the night. Replace the filter and remove the side panel, and use the special filter to easily take the filter out of the handle. The separate water tank is more convenient to pour water, easy to clean, and there is no breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Low temperature automatic defrosting maintains a certain dehumidification capacity for 365 days