YUMEIGE dehumidifier Dehumidifier 12 L/Day,Continuous Drainage 2.5L Large-Capacity Water Tank, Wheels, for Home, Office, Kitchen,Household and Commercial


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  • ●A total of five major functions such as dehumidification, auxiliary drying, timing, negative ions, and full power-off to assist dehumidification, creating a healthy and comfortable environment.
  • ●LED display: According to the real-time change of the indoor air humidity, the large LED display is clear at a glance, even in the dark at night, which is very suitable for the elderly.
  • ●Mute: High-quality compressor design improves efficiency, reduces noise, and runs quietly without causing too much noise to affect sleep.
  • ●Water tank: The built-in 2.5L large water tank design does not require frequent water pouring. The large open design makes it easy to pour water. When cleaning, you can directly reach in and clean without dead corners; when the water is full, the power will be automatically cut off and the light will be turned on, which is safe and protects the machine. .
  • ●Easy to move: The built-in handle and the universal pulley are convenient and labor-saving to go up the stairs and lift.

Details: 【product description】:
Smart home dehumidifiers can help you increase indoor humidity and ensure that you live in a healthy environment. The smart dehumidifier does not require you to worry too much. When the water is full, the system will intelligently alarm and shut down; it can not only dehumidify, but also dry clothes, making your life full of convenience.

Size: 11.33 cm * 28.8 cm * 50.9 cm (7.79 inches * 11.33 inches * 20.3 inches)
Voltage: 220v
Power: 200W
Water tank capacity: 2.5L

✉Smart constant humidity: to ensure that the humidity of the room is kept within this value range.
✉Mute: When working, the mute will not produce too much noise, which is specially designed for mothers and babies.
✉It can not only dehumidify, but also dry clothes.
✉Water tank: Built-in 1.5L large water tank design, external drainage design, red light prompts when filled with water.
✉One-button design: Dehumidification is simple and convenient.
✉Smart LED dual display, easy to view.
✉Easy to move: There are hidden handles on both sides and universal wheels at the bottom for easy movement.
✉Easy to disassemble: The thickened filter is easy to disassemble and clean.

【Package Included】:
1 *Dehumidifier

1. Make sure to place the dehumidifier vertically to avoid leakage.
2. After the water tank is full, please turn off the machine and do not tilt the water tank when it is full.
3. Keep the intake and exhaust ports not blocked.