100L Camera Lens Moisture-Proof Drying Box, Intelligent dehumidification, Energy Saving, Silent Operation, 25%-60% RH Humidity Adjustment, Adjustable Foot Pads


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Brand: Dehumidifiers

Color: Wood Color


  • ●The LED display screen is convenient to set up, 25%RH~60%RH humidity can be adjusted at will, and the simple control design allows your equipment to be better stored.
  • ●The large-capacity cabinet adopts double cores to meet the needs of dehumidification, quickly control humidity, and can work with changes in the environment, bringing you a better dehumidification experience.
  • ●Cold-rolled steel plate body + toughened glass door, strong and durable.
  • ●Magnetic sealing ring has good sealing performance to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the dehumidification effect.
  • ●Using high-density foam pad, non-slip, breathable/anti-wear, better care of the equipment.

UPC: 687282457823