12L/D Intelligent Drying and dehumidifier, Purification and Filtration, Two Mode Selection, Full Water Shutdown, Used in Family Kitchen and Bedroom


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  • Filter cleaning reminder, dehumidification runs for 250 hours cumulatively, the filter reset indicator is on, and the filter cleaning reminds you to clean the filter to avoid the breeding of bacteria and breathe more assured.
  • Two modes of automatic dehumidification and continuous dehumidification can be selected arbitrarily, real-time detection of room humidity, automatic switch machine control, continuous dehumidification indoors keep dry.
  • Water full shutdown alarm, humanized design, electromagnetic induction water full, the indicator light will flash and stop working.
  • Purify large particles of impurities. When the dehumidifier is working, the filter screen can filter large particles of impurities in the moist air to filter out dry and fresh air.
  • 12L/D high-efficiency dehumidification capacity, can absorb moisture about 48 bottles of 250ML bottled water a day, quickly absorb moisture for the home, and keep the home dry.