150g Grain Mill Spices and Coffee Grinder 60 Seconds Production of Fine Powder Stainless Steel Grinder


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  • Send filter screen + cleaning brush: Grinding filter is more delicate, making cleaning easier and life easier.
  • Sanqi powdering operation process: 1. Firstly remove the dust and debris on the lower surface with water and brush, and dry it; after drying, the three or seven heads can be placed in the microwave oven to heat and soften. The large knife is sliced, and the sliced ​​Panax notoginseng is easier to be powdered.
  • Grinding time: The above time is for reference only. The grinding time can be extended or shortened according to individual needs. Operating instructions Every 25 to 35 seconds of operation, properly stop for about 30 seconds to prevent motor overheat protection.
  • Key reminder: The cup should not be washed with water, dry with a dry rag or blown with a wind tube. In order to prevent the motor from being mixed with water, it is not recommended to rinse directly with water outside the cup.
  • Precautions for the powder machine: 1. Press the switch for 4 to 5 seconds for the first time. 2. Press the switch for 7-10 seconds for the second time. 3. Press the switch for the third time to pause for 10-20 seconds. 4. Finally, press the switch and tilt the machine to 45 degrees. The tilting time is generally about 10 seconds and then the machine is continuously powdered.