1Zpresso JE-PLUS Manual Coffee Grinder with Assembly Italmill Coated Conical Burr, Magnet Catch Cup Capacity 40g, Numerical Adjustable Finely Setting, Faster Grinding Efficiency ideal for Espresso

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Brand: 1Zpresso

Color: Light Gray


  • ☕ PREMIUM ITALMILL BURR AND UNIQUE ADJUSTMENT DAIL – Coated burr, by crushing and grinding, achieve the finely grounds easily. with over 200 clicks setting, each click shifting by 12.5 microns, you would absolutely have 100% precision control fine or extremely fine for Turkish coffee.
  • ☕ QUICK-RELEASE MAGNETS CATCH CUP – Much easier removal by twisting the catch cup. By pulling the snag stand and hitting it left and right, remove over 90% of clumps. Release grounds through the bottom, uniform coffee makes even espresso extraction easy.
  • ☕ EASY TO CLEAN – By dismantling pieces without tools, proper allows the best grinding results and the best taste in the cup. Get your freshly ground coffee with full-bodied flavor and creamy taste of your espresso. Bonus free cleaning brush and blow included.
  • ☕ PRODUCT GUARANTEES – The burr was calibrated and fixed in place by the 1Zpresso team, ensure no wobbly parts or burrs that come loose as time goes on. Estimated grind approx 300KG by general use. Includes a one-year limited warranty, you will definitely get 100% customer support.
  • ☕COFFEE IS LIFE – Chose 1Zpresso to be part of your coffee journey! No longer just for buying a non-electric tool, let the extraordinary daily experience enrich your life.