2 Pk 11qt Deluxe Marmite Soup Chafer With 2 6oz Stainless Steel Ladle And 2 Aprons

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Brand: ChefMAid

Color: Stainless Steel


  • Combining function and elegance, this marmite chafer will impress your guests and customers, while also ensuring your soups and sauces stay at the perfect serving temperature for the duration of your catered event. Featuring a cut-out location for a chafing fuel can (Not included), as well as a fuel can holder with handle, this chafer ensures patron and guest safety.
  • This marmite has a notched cover so the serving utensil can stay in the vessel for maximum sanitation. The inverted handle allows adequate space for staff to firmly grip it and access the food without taking away from the contemporary flat top. Furthermore, the water pan’s two side handles make transporting the chafer easy and the broad legs provide optimum stability once it’s positioned on your buffet table.
  • This soup marmite has chrome-accented legs and handles that are clear-coated to reduce discoloration. The body is constructed of beautiful mirror-finished stainless steel, ensuring this chafer is built to withstand everyday use. Enhance your buffet and serving area with this Choice soup marmite!
  • A marmite chafer, also known as a soup chafer, is commonly used to keep soups, stews, sauces, gravies, hot cereals, and other liquids warm throughout your service.
  • This bundle includes Soup Chafer, Water And Soup Pan Fuel Holder, 6oz Stainless Steel Ladles 1 Apron

UPC: 670924903062