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  • 1. Four-in-one air butler for dehumidifier, air purifier, humidifier, and dryer, without fear of weather changes, calmly passed level 4.
  • 2. Quick dehumidification, the dehumidification effect you see, and the ability to filter 99% bacteria, and quickly filter the bacteria in the moisture.
  • 3. Evaporation and humidification to relieve dryness, evaporative water molecules quickly diffuse to relieve dry skin. Soft drying mode, low temperature drying,
  • 4.5 layers of progressive filtration, PM2.5 adsorption, rapid removal of formaldehyde, etc., the effect is more powerful.
  • 5. The second-generation sensor, three-color mode light, air quality can be seen, mobile roller skating, no need to carry, easy to move,

Details: Product Name: Air Purifier
Filter type: HEPA
Product function: Four functions of dehumidification + air purification + humidification + dry clothes in one
Rated power: 255W
Rated voltage: 220V
Noise: 60dB (A)
Water tank: 3L
Humidification capacity: 150ml / H
Application area: 30㎡
Product color: white
Applicable space: study, living room, bedroom, office, etc.
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