Breadmaker Toaster 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Machine Coffee Pot Frying Pan Oven Bread Baking Maker Fried Egg Coffee Cooker 220V (Red) SZWHO


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Brand: SZWH


  • The three-in-one breakfast machine can enjoy a delicious breakfast at the same time, while frying eggs, toast and coffee; quick breakfast, laid-after afternoon tea, exquisite snacks, everything, coffee machine, electric oven, frying pan three in one.
  • The surface of the frying pan is made of high-quality, high-temperature food-grade non-stick coating. It is healthy, environmentally friendly, non-sticky, resistant to high temperatures, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
  • The oven adopts upper and lower heating tubes, the temperature control is uniform, and the hot air circulation has no gap. The uniform convection temperature is delicious. Professional oven, sustainable heating for 60 minutes, oven and frying pan can be used independently; with non-stick tray, removable slag tray, stainless
  • This coffee machine has 4 cups capacity, carafe, pause drip-proof and detachable mesh filter
  • 100-230 °C large span temperature control: a variety of temperature adjustable, to meet a variety of baking needs; 30 minutes of rotation timing: easy to control the baking time, to meet the different food baking time; 9L capacity, exquisite and versatile, easy DIY each Food, enjoy baking