CGOLDENWALL SY-1200 with pedesta Small Stainless Steel Grain Mill Food Processing Machinery Multi Function Grain Grind Mill Superfine Grain GrinderPowdering MachineLapping Machine (220V)




Color: sliver


  • the machine is made of stainless steel, and is equipped with double value capacitor asynchronous motor.
  • small grain fineness of grinding high – suitable for grinding into powder 50~200 and other food
  • the cost of milling of small grain mills is low. Under the same conditions, the energy consumption is lowest.
  • the small grain grinder can not pollute the material – the material with strong magnetism can absorb the worn iron powder and can ensure the cleanliness of the material
  • and small grain mill small area because of the ingenious design of milling machine, milling, low noise, simple operation, no dust, fine crushing