Dehumidifiers for Home Safe Dehumidifier 2500Ml Water Tank Capacity for 31-40 Square Meters (㎡) Portable Dehumidifier, with Smart Large Screen and Auxiliary Drying Function, Ii Plug





  • ■Smart large screen: the environmental humidity is clear at a glance, dehumidifiers has a sophisticated temperature and humidity sensor, which can detect the humidity in real time and display it on the smart large screen, and adjust it instantly to create a comfortable environment for you
  • ■Assisted clothes drying function: Traditional clothes dryers use PTC high temperature heating, and the clothes are not completely dried. dehumidifiers for home is to extract moisture from the air and blow out dry warm air to assist in drying clothes to change clothes, which is very protective for clothes and can dry clothes quickly
  • ■High-efficiency compressor: The compressor of dehumifier adopts the surging large power and stable output of the refined research compressor, without fear of long-term operation, to accelerate the surging power, and can be used for long-term acceleration.
  • ■Widely applicable: safe dehumidifier Very suitable for living room/bedroom, baby room/learning/kitchen, the dehumidification area can reach 15-30 square meters, can be used to eliminate moisture and give you a fresh and dry life
  • ■After-sales guarantee: One year warranty and 30 days refund, please rest assured to buy, if you are not satisfied with dehumidifier with pump or have any questions, please contact us immediately via Amazon email, MNCYGJ team will solve the problem for you within 24 hours, And give your solution

Details: ■Satisfaction guarantee (one-year warranty service) We firmly believe that the quality of our products will win your trust. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us immediately via Amazon email, and we will give you a satisfactory solution

■LED smart display

electric dehumidifier The panel display is clear, enhances the sense of body appearance, easy to wipe, easy to clean and tidy panel, good products have a good reputation

■Quiet operating sound (less than 45 db)

mini dehumidifiers The noise is less than 45DB, and it runs softly, effectively dehumidifying without affecting sleep or work

■Clean the air

dehumidifiers for basements Under the light, the water vapor and oxygen in the air are used to remove pollutants, which have the functions of sterilization, deodorization, mold prevention, and self-purification.

■Product name: dehumidifiers for home/dehumidifiers/dehumidifier with pump
■Product size: 25*25*49cm
■Water tank capacity: 2500ML
■Product power: 220W
■Working voltage: 220V
■Noise: less than 45db (42dB)
■Dehumidification capacity: (27C/60%RH)/10L/day (30°C/60%RH)
■Weight: 9.5kg
■Dehumidification area: 31-40 square meters (㎡)
■Color: white
■Function: zero radiation, mute, purification, full water power off, LED display, one-button switch
■Specifications: European plug, American plug, Japanese plug, British plug
■Note: Do not expose the product to sunlight