DYHQQ 1500W Grinder Machine Flour Mill Cereals Grinder Electric Mill Corn Grain Coffee Wheat Feed Cutter and Funnel,1500W



Brand: DYHQQ


  • Capacitor shell is made of iron galvanized material, the transport process will not be crushed, put an end to rust
  • Heritage of traditional mill, innovative steel mill technology. All-round fine crushing, open the door of health.
  • This machine is suitable for grinding bean curd, starch, rice flour, corn and used in other food industries.
  • It can grind wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, soybeans and other crops into dry powder.
  • Especially, it is also suitable to grind soaked soybeans and rice into pulp,can make soybean milk,rice cake and other foods.At the same time, it can be used for crushing feed.