DYRABREST 110V Coffee Grinder Electric,Commercial Burr Coffee Grinder,Coffee Grinder Burr Electric Adjustable Powder Thickness


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  • ♥ ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS:electric coffee grinder with fine fine-tuning grinding disc, HC-600, 10 different thickness scale adjustments, to meet your requirements for different thicknesses of powder.
  • ♥ 64MM GRINDER DISC: Using 64mm parallel grinding discs, it can realize multi-faceted grinding and retain the flavor of coffee beans to the greatest extent.
  • ♥ ANTI-NOISE SHOCK : The heavy-duty cast aluminum body is not only beautiful and elegant, but also has good heat dissipation performance. The heavy-duty body can reduce vibration and noise.
  • ♥ QUANTITATIVE DESIGN: the stainless steel powder storage bin of electric burr coffee grinder adopts a visual design, and the manual powder lever can control the powder output.
  • ♥ APPLICATION: Whether for home or commercial use, this burr coffee grinders can meet your needs. Using this product, you will drink the best flavored and purest coffee.

UPC: 738635697530