Electric grinder Electric coffee grinder Household grain grinder Chinese herbal medicine mill Used in restaurants such as panax notoginseng, donkey-hide glue, glutinous rice, red beans, chili grinding





  • ★Anti-slip rubber base with four-point anti-slip and shock-proof rubber base to ensure safe placement and stable operation
  • ★One piece stainless steel does not leave a place for dirt, it can grind 60 grams of coffee beans at a time and make 5 cups of coffee
  • ★Strong power, exquisite grinding, ready to use, to ensure fre sh 10 seconds to crush coffee, grains, spices, and herbs
  • ★High-value paint brushed stainless steel, rare luxury at the same price, with good craftsmanship, the more polished and brighter the real materials
  • ★The lid and the switch are integrated. The excellent design can make people complete many functions in an inadvertent moment. After the lid is screwed in place, the grinder can be started to ensure safe use and tightness.