HZWZ Household Air Dehumidifier, Air Purification, 700Ml Semiconductor Desiccant Dehumidifier Mini Air Dryer Electric Cooler


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Brand: HZWZ


  • ★ Portable design: ultra-small body, easy to move between rooms.
  • ★ Ultra-silent design: When you are working, you can enjoy sleep or work without disturbing.
  • ★ Automatic shutdown function: When the water tank is full, it will automatically shut down. You don’t have to worry about overflow.
  • ★ Easy to disassemble the water tank: After the water tank is full, it is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • ★ Good water absorption capacity: 300ml of water can be extracted every day.

Details: Specification:
color: White
Model: T8
Material: ABS plastic
Size: about 16 * 10.7 * 26.7 cm
Voltage: DC 9V, AC110-240V
Power: 23W
Application area: 10-15m2
Water tank capacity: 700 ml
Maximum dehumidification capacity: up to 300 ml per day
Suitable for: bedroom, office, living room, house, warehouse, bathroom, kitchen, closet, basement.

Graphite crucible mini gold furnace metal torch:
1 x Mini dehumidifier
1 power adapter (according to different countries, we will send the corresponding adapter).
1 x User Manual