Limari Home The Hewe Collection Modern 6 Piece Polyester Fabric Upholstered Sectional Sofa for the Living Room, Gray


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Brand: Limari Home

Color: Grey


  • Splendid Accommodation: This Modern Sectional Sofa Measures as Follows; Overall- W118″ x D96″ x H32″, Armrest-W12″ x D42″ x H22″, the Three 1 Seaters-W31″ x D42″ x H32″, the Corner-W42″ x D42″ x H32″ and the Ottoman Measures W22″ x D42″ x H17″, With a Total Combined Weight of 289 Lbs. Assembly is Required Upon Delivery of These Sectional Sofas.
  • Enduring And Exquisite: The Fabric Upholstered Sectional Sofa is Constructed With an Enduring and Unyielding Solid Wood Frame. These Sectional Sofas are Designed With Legs of Formidable Plastic to Withstand Perpetual Usage Over the Course of Time.
  • Vibrant Luxury: This Sectional Sofa is Upholstered in Luxurious and Inviting, Gray Polyester Fabric. The Meticulously Crafted Sectional Sofa Features Ample and Supportive Cushioning With Meticulously Stitched Edges.
  • Contemporary Opulence: Each Modern Sectional Sofa is Designed to Add a Contemporary Touch of Class to the Living Room. Incorporate the Embracing, Supportive Quality of the Sectional Sofas With Their Opulent, Adjustable Seat Back Positioning in the Creation of any Contemporary Living Room Setting.
  • Quality And Dedication: Limari Home Reigns Supreme at the Pinnacle of Contemporary and Innovative Furniture Designs. Embracing Flawless Craftsmanship and Impeccable Quality, They Are Fiercely Dedicated to a Loyal and Satisfied Customer Base.

Details: The Hewe Collection presented by Limari Home proudly features the modern 6 piece polyester fabric upholstered sectional sofa for the living room. This modern sectional sofa measures as follows; overall- W118″ x D96″ x H32″, armrest-W12″ x D42″ x H22″, the three 1 seaters-W31″ x D42″ x H32″, the corner-W42″ x D42″ x H32″ and the ottoman measures W22″ x D42″ x H17″, with a total combined weight of 289 lbs. Assembly is required upon delivery of these sectional sofas. The Fabric upholstered sectional sofa is constructed with an enduring and unyielding solid wood frame. These sectional sofas are designed with legs of formidable plastic to withstand perpetual usage over the course of time. This sectional sofa is upholstered in luxurious and inviting, gray polyester fabric. The meticulously crafted sectional sofa features ample and supportive cushioning with meticulously stitched edges. Each modern sectional sofa is designed to add a contemporary touch of class to the living room. Incorporate the embracing, supportive quality of the sectional sofas with their opulent, adjustable seat back positioning in the creation of any contemporary living room setting. Limari Home reigns supreme at the pinnacle of contemporary and innovative furniture designs. Embracing flawless craftsmanship and impeccable quality, they are fiercely dedicated to a loyal and satisfied customer base.

UPC: 840729159876