Manual Coffee Grinder Coffee Hand Grinder Manual Coffee Grinder Titanium Power-saving Fixed Four Colors Available Quiet and Portable (Color : Gold, Size : 12-15g)



Brand: DEPRQ

Color: Gold


  • Produces significantly less noise than electric grinders, which means you can enjoy fresh ground coffee while your loved ones are asleep, when you’re in the office, or when you’re camping and don’t want to disturb the wildlife!
  • The coffee mill, removable handle and lid disassembles easily, all parts of the manual coffee grinder are washable.
  • this product will not damage the original flavor of coffee, better to grind beans before you brew coffee, best choice for coffee lovers.
  • Hold fresh ground coffee or coffee beans during travel or camping, easy to carry.
  • Available in two sizes:●12×4.6cm,Handle length:10.6cm,capacity:12-15g,●15×4.6cm,Handle length:10.6cm,capacity:25-28g.