N/ A Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine Espresso Maker Business Coffee Machine LCD Monitor Strong Steam Constant Water Temperature Low Water Level Protection Device


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  • ★ Four-hole steam nozzle: a stable four-hole steam nozzle with high steam dryness and high water content The foam is pure and dense..
  • ★ The standard for measuring pressure coffee machines is two pressure gauges:. A stable pressure gauge and a stable temperature Two pressure gauges show the brewed coffee and steam pressure, respectively.
  • ★ Fine filter: 58mm special stainless steel professional handle, stable temperature, stable pressure, uniform penetration, is a good way to extract grease.
  • ★ Top cup insulation:. The top radiator panel secures the coffee cup heating cup When making espresso, the cup can better maintain the taste.
  • ★ The back of the fuselage: the back of the fuselage is designed with ventilation holes and colorful blue lights to enhance the value of the fuselage, bringing you a different sensory experience.