N / C Multifunctional Wooden Manual Coffee Grinder, Built-in Adjustable Grinder selector, Retro Design, nut Setting, Rotating Handle, Convenient Manual Operation

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Brand: N / C


  • ★This product is simple and elegant high-quality wood, which ensures the long-term use of the machine. An antique manual coffee bean grinder with an adjustable grind selector built-in allows you to precisely control the thickness of the grind to suit any desired brewing method.
  • ★This is exquisite wood, superb iron craftsmanship, highlighting the texture and classic, very suitable for home decoration; used for espresso, Java, spices, herbs, fully functional old world factory ground coffee beans, used for fresh, homemade espresso Java.
  • ★This product equipment does not require a power plug; just tighten the gear nut to change the setting, put the beans in the bowl, rotate the ergonomic handle to grind, use the maintenance drawer to collect the grind in the convenient lower compartment; mix; Cinnamon and other spices give a unique taste.
  • ★This is a manual old-fashioned coffee grinder, which can also be used as a general-purpose grinder for grinding spices and herbs; it is suitable for birthday gifts or a cafe showroom that is only used for grinding coffee beans and for grinding spices, nuts and herbs.
  • ★Hundred percent commitment, under the premise of ensuring quality, to provide you with first-class speed, pursuit of excellence and perfection, you can rest assured that we will work hard, today’s quality, tomorrow’s market, I will serve you. May the quality of my products and service be with you at any time.