NCBH Portable Hand Coffee Grinder,Manual Italian Stainless Steel Core Coffee Maker Suitable for Home Office & Outdoor Travel Camping



Brand: NCBH


  • ★The portable hand coffee machine adopts mini, multi-functional design, minimalism and elegant appearance. Whether it is on the road, at home, in the office or outdoors, the coffee machine is the ideal companion.
  • ● Classic fixed handle design is easy to use, no battery required. You are free to prepare your favorite coffee drink. Enjoy a variety of espresso coffee wherever you are.
  • ● One-piece coffee cup: It can grind and store coffee beans, grind beans, brew, filter and drink. Easily prepare your favorite coffee no matter where you are. The thickness adjustment device adjusts the thickness of the ground coffee powder according to the type of coffee.
  • ●The double-bearing middle shaft structure breaks the time and effort of the conventional hand-grinding mill. The upgraded version of the concentric fixed structure is stable, greatly improving the performance, saving effort and speed! The capacity tank can hold 20g of coffee beans, which is the coffee companion for travel.
  • ●Can be used with a variety of coffee machines, coffee machines. The coffee machine is recommended to use a brush device for cleaning. Do not wash. Concealed handle for easy storage. After grinding, it is not easy to generate heat. You don’t have to worry about grinding affecting the taste of coffee powder.