New Favorite of Barista – Pour Over Coffee Kettle Scalding Coffee Pot, Leather Wrapped Gooseneck Control Kettle, for Home Kitchen, Cafe, Orange,300ML (Color : Orange, Size : 500ML)



Color: Orange


  • Designed based on human ergonomic, it is specially designed in mind for efficiency especially for single handed operation. The external double layers leather wrapping helps to prevent heat lost and acts as a heat insulator
  • Made of high grade stainless steel with a maximum capacity of 500ml. Topping up the kettle is never easier than with the inner wall water level scale
  • This ‘handleless’ kettle is a design innovation with a unique appearance. Simple yet does not lost it functionalities as a pour-over kettle
  • Highly recommended by professional barista for it perfect control with steady uniform thin trickle. All these are achievable with the unique design of 90 degrees bend at the end of the narrow gooseneck spout
  • The small hole on the pot lid is a provision for temperature probe insertion. Therefore, barista can monitor the water temperature closely for a perfect brew