PeaceipUS Car Compressor Refrigerator Mini Freezer Can Make Ice Insulin Refrigerator Mute Mini Freezer Outdoor and Family Dual-Use for Cars, Trucks, Rvs, Boats



Brand: Car refrigerator

Color: Yellow


  • ●It is made of polyurethane insulation material. It has strong heat storage and cold storage capacity. It is cooled by advanced compressors and can reach a minimum of -20 °C. It also has a flame-proof and heat preservation function to delay food deterioration.
  • ● LED screen display, one-button operation, built-in high temperature sensor -20 ° C ~ 10 ° C adjustable, to meet different conditions of use.
  • ● Portable refrigerator 18L/20L/25L/36L can be placed in 30/32/43/60x330ml or 16/17/22/30x550ml and 9/10/12/16x750ml, which can easily meet the daily needs of the family.
  • ● 3-position low battery protection mode, general car battery protection mode, the refrigerator can be used normally for 16 hours, low battery protection, automatic disconnection when the battery only has 10% power remaining, automatic low voltage protection.
  • ●DC12V/24V, AC110-240V for car and home use, can also store fruits and vegetables, medicines, beverages, cosmetics, breast milk, medicines!