Retro Manual Coffee Grinder with Large Wheel Handle Coffee Bean Burr Grinder Mill Adjustable Powder Setting Hand Cranked Coffee Grinding Machine for Travel crafting DIY creation


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  • RETRO DESIGN HAND GRINDER – Easily grind, evenly powder, and enjoy the fun of hand-made coffee.
  • GRINDER COMPOSITION – Cast Iron Main Body + Log Base + Log Powder Box + Stainless Steel Grinding Core
  • ADJUSTABLE POWDER SETTING – The coffee powder coarseness can be adjusted through adjustment piece. Remove the nut and take off spring & gasket, Turn the adjustment piece up, the more the gap, the coarser the coffee powder; the smaller the gap, the finer the coffee powder. (Smaller gap will make the grinding more difficult and too smaller will damage the coffee mill.)
  • NOTE – Do not turn handle counterclockwise or idling, which will easily damage the grinding core.
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