RR-YRF 40L Camera Dehumidification Drying Cabinet, Noise-Free and Energy-Saving Camera Lens and Electronic Equipment Storage Box, Electronic Cabinet,2 partitions


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Brand: RR-YRF

Color: 2 Partitions


  • ❉ Fully automatic and rapid dehumidification: The drying cabinet has thermoelectric cooling technology, which is fast, quiet and without heat, and can protect the camera and lens from moisture, rust, oxidation, etc.
  • ❉ Precise humidity control: Our precise point humidity control sensor with LED display can provide very precise temperature readings. This allows users to accurately measure and control humidity levels in the range of 25%RH to 60%RH.
  • ❉ Energy saving: Our drying and dehumidifying cabinet consumes only a small amount of electricity, the power is less than 8W, and the operation efficiency is high, which makes our drying and dehumidifying cabinet safe and healthy for you and the environment.
  • ❉ Ultra-quiet: The whole body has no noise source and zero noise, which will not affect your work and life.
  • ❉ Widely used: Paintings, banknotes, stamps, old books, leather, antiques, musical instruments, camera lenses, cameras, tea, tobacco, jewelry, electronic components, etc.

Details: The temperature and humidity of the movement are collected using high-precision humidity sensors, and the response speed is fast to ensure no radiation and no harm to the human body!
No compressor, no fan, no heat effect, powerful silent dehumidification, no noise to avoid electromagnetic interference when working!
Use semiconductor condensation dehumidification technology at any cost, strong dehumidification!
Use 40L electronic drying cabinet to protect your lens, photographic and optical equipment, mobile electronic equipment and other valuable accessories from excessive moisture, dust and dust.

Capacity: 40L
Outer box size: 320x30OX45mm (length x width x height)
Inner box size: 280X270X360mm (length x width x height)
Packing size: 370X370X515mm (length x width x height)
Input voltage: AC100-240V
Control method: CNC adjustment
Door material: aluminum alloy frame + tempered glass
Box material: high quality cold rolled steel plate
Dehumidification range: as low as 20%
Dehumidification power: 4W
Weight: 8kg

Package content: electronic moisture-proof cabinet X1, power cord X1, key X2