SHYOD Electric Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel Blade Spice Grinder Mills, Capacity Fast Grinding for Coffee Beans, Seeds, Herbs, Pepper, Grains, and Nut



Brand: SHYOD


  • Coffee grinder for coffee lovers, preserves aroma and has grind fineness selector for a precise grinding.
  • The electric coffee grinder has grind levels for a range of drip, cold brew, and pour over coffee grind.
  • So big power but low-noise audio, that won’t make you feel uncomfortable while grinding food or making freshly brewed coffee for the whole family.
  • High-level electric coffee grinder handling and release of pressing pressure, simply push down on button to begin grinding and release to stop.
  • Not just for grinding coffee beans, the versatile grinder can be used for chopping or grinding nuts, seeds, herbs, pepper, and spices grains and more! you can grind quickly for coarse consistency or leave it running longer for finer powders.