SKR Dehumidifier Dehumidifier, Multi-Functional for Household Mute Moisture Absorber, Auxiliary Drying Clothes, Dehumidification Purification, Intelligent Timing,5.5L Water Tank Dehumidifier


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Brand: SKR


  • The low-resistance streamlined air duct design uses an aerodynamic design to ensure air circulation and reduce wind noise.
  • Built-in negative ion generator, when the machine works, releases the negative ion cluster, and the air purified by the negative ions is quickly transmitted to every corner of the room.
  • Built-in dust filter, no need to operate, automatic cleaning, effective dehumidification and air purification.
  • The translucent water tank and the front part of the water tank make the dehumidification effect obvious, the water volume is sufficient, and the automatic shutdown protection.
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