Sofa Large Sofa Group Sofa Confortable Stretch Sofa Multifunctional Premium Leather Side Sofa with Footstool Modern Recliner Upholstered Sofa Sofa Settee Couch for Living Room Office Lounge


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Brand: N&F


  • 01. Down filling Selected animal down, good air permeability, long-term use does not collapse, high cost performance
  • 02First layer cowhide The sofa contact surface sentences are all made of foreign first layer cowhide, the leather is soft, breathable, and resistant to tearing
  • 03Four-speed adjustable headrest Ergonomic design, multi-speed headrest, good support for the human body, comfortable and healthy
  • 04Multi-functional mid-range design Mid-range incorporates air purifier design, which can absorb various air magazines of daily life, U5B charging, energy-saving lamp function
  • 05 Stretched out, almost lying flat Electric stretch function position, adapt to different situations, need free adjustment, humanized design is fully demonstrated