Titan Protein Shake Vending Machine


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Brand: One-Touch Drinks


  • Simply choose a drink selection on the 32_ touch screen interface. A freshly prepared chilled (40° F) protein shake is delivered within 60 seconds in a 14 oz disposable cup automatically dispensed. Titan incorporates a wide variety of coin, cash, and cashless payment solutions for your customers convenience. Nayax payment solutions recommended for cashless payments. An airtight wastewater container is included. Purchase a 3 or 5-gallon water bottle for an internal water system.
  • A water filtration system is recommended and can be installed to ensure tap water quality and flavor. Easily manage drink recipes and sales activity through cloud-based software (Internet access needed on-site). An advanced hot flush hygiene system built inside performs automatic cleaning regularly. Product canisters have easy top-fill openings. COLORS & EXTERIOR OPTIONS Black steel frame (included) White One-Touch Drinks magnetic wrap Custom wrap
  • Titan is made using materials of the highest quality. The front is made of high impact, resistance-tempered glass to stay new-looking longer. A acrylic door protects the drink dispensing chamber. CONNECTIVITY AND PAYMENTS Standard WiFi connectivity for cloud management of back-office, or SIM Card needed when WiFi access is not available. Drink App allows for easy access to drink management, display files, statistics, etc. Nayax added to Titan at the manufacturing plant & uses MDB protocol.
  • Wrap the machine with your company’s logo and custom images to brand your business and boost drink sales. A digital signage media screen is available for advertising, product promotions, and general messaging. CUPS CONFIGURATION Cup carousel height: 22 in Individual cup size: 3.5_ diameter x 4.33_ height Approximately 14 oz Cup dispenser capacity: 60-70 pc POWER Voltage: 120V/60 Hz Maximum power: 200w – 2.100w Suggested use: turn off every day when not in use, or use a timer
  • CANISTERS 5-liter canisters: 5 WATER SOURCE City tap direct line (water filtration system recommended, available here). Gallon bottle feed with pump (included). Must purchase 3 or 5 gallon water bottles (available here). CHILLER UNIT Included Chills drinks to as low as 36 °F degrees Cold water tank capacity: 2 liters (2000 cc) BOILERS Boiler type: Atmospheric for cleaning purposes Hot water temperature: 77-208 °F Hot water tank capacity: 2 liters (1800 cc). WARRANTY One year on parts

UPC: 804589632214