Without Coffee Grinder Pepper Grinding Machine Bean Spice Nut Seed Coffee Bean Herbal Nut Powdering pulverizing Device 800g Electric (Color : 2, Plug Type : UK)



Brand: Without

Color: 2


  • Small and stylish-it takes up minimal counter space and can be easily stored in cabinets and drawers, but with its outstanding modern European style, you may just want to put it in the hood.
  • Powerful and efficient-The blade is made of durable stainless steel, which can easily grind any coffee you like, from coarse to fine, fast and efficient, reducing grinding noise.
  • The new swing speed pulverizer uses a high-speed single-phase motor as the power, which can quickly pulverize various soft and hard materials. Generally, medicine can be pulverized into a 50-350 mesh screen in only half a minute, and it can be crushed to a target of 350 in just one minute.
  • It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight and free movement; it has the advantages of simple operation, no vibration, low noise, and both electricity and safety. It is especially suitable for Chinese medicine clinics, hospital pharmacies, pharmacies, and health care products crushing sales counters.
  • Clean and hygienic, dust removal during work, food-grade silica gel sealing strips, no loss of crushed materials, food-grade stainless steel wire drawing process in the crushing chamber, high-gloss polishing technology on the wall, smooth and easy to clean; crushed different drugs will never string together colors And smell