Wyyggnb Coffee Machine, Espresso Machines 1L, Italian Cafe Machine Household Pump Steam Espresso Coffee Maker 20BAR Milk Foam Semi-Automatic Coffee Makers


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Brand: Wyyggnb


  • *Italian imported water pump: 20BAR high pressure extraction Italian imported water pump, strong pressure extraction, ensuring that each coffee bean fully releases oil and fragrance
  • *The double independent thermostat extracts the scent to the alcohol water temperature is too low, can not extract the helper called brown cream, if the temperature is too high, the extraction will be excessive and bitter.
  • *The cappuccino system has a variety of fancy styles that magically combine steam, air and milk to create a delicate soft milk foam and a rich, cappuccino coffee.
  • *Water storage boiler: constant water temperature extraction, accurate pressure and rapid extraction of coffee essence through coffee powder, accurate control of coffee 92C constant temperature extraction, balanced pressure distribution of the boiler, easy 0 pressure relief
  • *Triple protection safety, automatic temperature control protection system, high temperature stop working, return to a certain temperature range, restart; overheat protection device anti-dry, safe and reliable