YITA Made in France 5.0L Round Stewpot with Glass Cover for cooking Soup, Frying, Steaming, Deep Frying, Boiling and More


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Brand: YITA

Color: Amber


  • VERSATILE : Can be used on almost all cooking equipment in the kitchen, Including gas stovetops, ovens, broilers, microwaves , infrared ovens , refrigerator, freezer , dishwasher , sterilizer, and more etc.
  • DURABLE : The Yita cookware is made with durable material that can withstand extremely high temperatures , while other cookware is broken due to high temperature without soup inside , this glass-ceramic cookware can be still as good as new.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Made of glass that is the healthiest, most environmentally friendly cooking materials, Contains no chemicals and does not change consistancy under any temperature and will not effect the taste of your cooked food and won’t absorb food odors. Made of recyclable materials.
  • VISION: transparent glass pot body , so you always could visually watch your food as it cooks, helping you eliminate the possibility of boiling over or over cooking. Enjoy fun and healthy cuisine cooking every time you use the Yita Cookware
  • EASY TO CLEAN : Made of smooth glass surfaces without pores , there is no residue stains by warm washing, Abrasion resistance, long-term use and after years of use it will still look clear and new.

UPC: 823888188727