YUMEIGE dehumidifier Dehumidifier 2L Portable Mini Household Electric Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier, Intelligent Touch Screen Independent Purification, Safe Child Lock


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  • ●Safe child lock: When the child lock function is enabled, any other operation keys will temporarily lose their control function, which avoids the danger caused by misuse of children due to curiosity.
  • ●Three modes: sunny mode, rainy mode, and dry clothes mode. The dehumidification mode can be selected according to different scenes to meet your different needs and make the machine more efficient.
  • ●Intelligent: Large screen touch mode, one-button touch, simple and convenient; there is also an LED display design, you can see the indoor humidity at a glance, convenient and timely adjustment, and simple switching of multiple modes.
  • ●High-quality motor: using high-quality shaded-pole asynchronous motor, it has the characteristics of high-speed torque, fast speed, low noise, low vibration, etc., stronger performance, more durable, no high-temperature demagnetization and other problems, and it is not easily affected by the external environment.
  • ●Water tank: The large 2.5L water tank design eliminates the need for frequent water pouring and reduces unnecessary trouble; when the water tank is full, it will automatically cut off the power to avoid potential safety hazards.

Details: 【product description】:
Smart home dehumidifiers can help you increase indoor humidity and ensure that you live in a healthy environment. The intelligent dehumidifier does not need you to worry too much, the system will intelligently alarm and shut down; it can not only dehumidify, but also dry clothes, making your life full of convenience.

Size: 18cm * 18cm * 37cm (7.08 inches * 7.08 inches * 14.56 inches)
Rated voltage: 220v
Power: 60W
Water tank capacity: 2.7L
Time range: 0-24 hours

✉Material: Made of high-quality plastic, color-fast, durable and pollution-free.
✉Compressor: high-quality compressor, strong power removal, low energy consumption, low noise and other characteristics.
✉Asynchronous motor: high-speed torque, stable and durable.
✉Mute: Silence will not make too much noise when working, which will affect your rest.
✉Water tank: 2.5L large water tank design, no need to pour water frequently.
✉LED display: clear at a glance when watching.
✉Safety child lock: avoid children’s curiosity and play safety hazards.

【Package Included】:
1 *Dehumidifier

1. Make sure to place the dehumidifier vertically to avoid leakage.
2. After the water tank is full, please turn off the machine and do not tilt the water tank when it is full.
3. Keep the intake and exhaust ports not blocked.