The Siemens iQ700 WM4WH640 Washing Machine Reviewed

The Siemens iQ700 WM4WH640 is a front-loading washing machine from the iQ line of washers the company has to offer. It is an intelligent washing machine that can be controlled from anywhere, using a remote control through their application on your phone. The following is a brief review of the Siemens iQ700 WM4WH640 washing machine and all that it offers. This review will go over the features the product has to offer and all its pros and cons, as well. Before getting into those details, let us take a look at what Siemens represents as a company.

About Siemens

Siemens is a well-known and regarded German name that has been leading the innovation charge in the market for many decades. The company has been working at the intersection of electrification, digitization and automation. With their work in the field, they are making lives of those who use their products and consumers in general, a lot easier. The company has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception in 1947 and continues to do great work. Which is why, when you consider a washing machine manufactured by Siemens, it is natural to set the bar high. There are several expectations attached to Siemens products. Let us take a look at if this product meets those expectations.


  • Home Connect App: This is an intelligent washing machine that allows you to control it from practically anywhere, thanks to the easy to use Home Connect App. The app is available on both Android and iOS.
  • Adjustable Feet: The most prominent problem with washing machines is balance. While the washing cycle is on, there is naturally going to be some movement in the machine. But if the legs of the machine are not steady, it could derail the process and also cause the machine to tip over. With adjustable feet, the Siemens IQ700 WM4WH640 allows the user to steady the machine how they see fit. There are no strict rules.
  •  Adjustable Spin Speed: The machine boasts of a speedPerfect/varioSpeed feature, which cuts down the washing cycle by up to 65%. The TFT LCD display allows you to select the spin speed for your cycle.
  • Built-in Display: As mentioned earlier, the machine comes with a built-in display which allows you to navigate it with ease. The display is easy to read and gives you the programme indication, allows you to select temperature and speed. It also displays the time remaining in the wash cycle, among other things.
  • Buzzer: There is a buzzer at the end of each cycle, so you know when the washing is over and you can take the clothes out. The longer you let the damp clothes sit in the machine, the more there’s a chance they may smell odd when you do finally get to them.
  • Child Lock: It has an electronic child safety package, which ensures that your children cannot tamper with the machine and make themselves vulnerable to danger. The child lock system makes sure the machine cannot be opened mid-cycle and takes a few other precautions to make it child-proof.
  • Delay Start Timer: The delay start timer allows you to pre-programme a washing cycle 24 hours in advance. If you are in over your head with chores, you can set the timer in advance for your wash cycle. You can also set the timer the night before so the washing cycle takes place in the morning when you are still fast asleep and it is ready for drying by the time you get out of bed.
  • 24-Hour Overflow Protection: The hydroSafe feature provides 24-hour anti-leak protection so you do not have to worry about water overflowing.
  • 225-Minute Cycle Time: The machine has an average cycle time of 225 minutes. You can also use the reload feature to pause the cycle midway and add clothes that you had forgotten to put in the load the first time.
  • Self-Cleaning: The washing machine is self-cleaning. You do not need to worry about cleaning the insides out every now and then. The machine will take care of itself.
  • Super 15: You can get a rapid 15-minute wash for when you are in a real hurry.  This is a special program for those who forgot to put the delay timer on or for those who need only a single shirt washed very quickly.
  • Precise Dosing: The machine is intelligent enough to know precisely how much detergent and softener is required in each spin cycle. It doses the laundry load correctly, based on factors like fabric type, the hardness of the water, the toughness of stains, etc.


  • You can wash a variety of things in this machine, starting from down, curtains and upholstery to mixed fabrics, shirts and blouses, delicates, silk apparel, etc.
  • The washing machine can remove up to 16 tough and stubborn stains without any issue.
  • Each iQ-series washing machine boasts of an iQ-drive motor which does its job quietly and intelligently.
  • There is a textile guard re-proofing programme which is ideal for gentle waterproofing of outdoor textiles.
  • The consumption indicator lets you know the expected water and energy consumption for each cycle before it begins.


  • Since there are so many features you can make use of, the learning curve with the washing machine may be slightly more steep than other basic washing machines. But this is still a good problem to have.
  • The product has not been very thoroughly reviewed, neither on the official website nor on any other retail platform. This makes making an informed decision slightly more complicated.

Final Thoughts

As expected, the Siemens iQ700 WM4WH640 does have a lot of innovative features to offer. It allows you to take care of your laundry quickly and efficiently, without the chore spilling into other important aspects of your schedule. The intelligent machine makes life much simpler and your laundry much cleaner! It understands your requirements and doses the laundry with a precise amount of detergent and softener. It is also built for those leading busy, hectic lives, who could benefit from a washer that is intelligent and can be controlled remotely with ease and satisfaction.

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